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Athletic Therapy

Athletic Therapy is the treatment of an injury from the acute stage through to tissue remodeling. An Athletic Therapist will assess the injury then create and execute a rehabilitation program designed to fit the needs of the active individual. The Therapist will look at muscular imbalances and provide proper and safe exercises to overcome dysfunction. An important aspect of this career is patient education regarding exercise and reconditioning to prevent reoccurrence of the injury.

Manual skills set Athletic Therapists apart from other traditional therapies. The techniques used are from post-graduate education and are combined with exercise and conditioning protocols to optimize healing and decrease recovery time.

A Certified Athletic Therapist is a member of the Canadian Athletic Therapy Association (CATA). This is an organization dedicated to the health and well being of the physically active population. Certified members have successfully completed a comprehensive theory and a subsequent oral/practical exam developed and administered by the certification board of the CATA. A Certified Athletic Therapist also has completed numerous hours in academic and practical components of Athletic Therapy.

The scope of practice of a Certified Athletic Therapist includes the immediate care and prevention of injuries, and incorporates reconditioning exercises into rehabilitation programs. Athletic Therapists perform musculoskeletal and postural evaluations as part of their preventative measures and aid in the selection, fitting and repair of appropriate equipment. Evaluations of proper conditioning programs that include a warm-up, stretching, strengthening and cool down are incorporated into the Therapist’s scope of the practice. In addition, preventative measures including prophylactic or support taping to re-integrate the active person into their activity safely and efficiently are utilized.

Certified Athletic Therapists are employed in areas such as: multidisciplinary and rehabilitation clinics, educational institutions, professional and elite sports teams.


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