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OSMC Mask Policy
The Government of Ontario has lifted the mandatory mask requirement (as of June 11, 2022) in all Healthcare settings except in Long Term Care Homes. OSMC is still requesting that all clients mask when visiting our facility to help ensure the health safety of all our staff/practitioners, clients who are immunocompromised, elderly and the family members who have loved ones in Long Term Care Homes. OSMC’s mask requirement will continue until the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared that the world’s pandemic is declared a country wide endemic, and that masks and social distancing is no longer required. Our masking requirement is still in line with the present Ontario Association of Osteopathic Manual Practitioners (OAO) Guidelines. We are also still required to continue with Covid 19 screening by the Government of Ontario and the OAO until further notice. Please respect the OSMC Practitioner’s masks request to ensure our safety (in best practice) as we work most times within close proximity of our client’s face. Hopefully, our masking policy will help prevent us from having to quarantine due to the possibility of catching Covid 19 from an OSMC Client. We think you would agree that our time should be better spent treating our clients then off because of Covid 19 exposures as you have told us many times when we had a mandatory four-month closure at the start of the Pandemic. Thank you for respecting our masking policy to keep you, our clients, and our families safe.

Please call 905-337-8455 to book an appointment! *Just a reminder we require 3 business days notice for any cancellation or to reschedule an appointment.